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The time-saving Patient Safety Monitor Web site features a searchable crosswalk that organizes state, CMS, and Joint Commission requirements by patient safety topic. It also includes the 12-page, monthly newsletter, Briefings on Patient Safety.

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  • Mandatory glove wearing may reduce risk of hospital-acquired infections

    Infection rates are reduced when physicians are required to wear gloves, according to a study published in the journal Pediatrics. Read on to find out how much lower the risk of the infection became when mandatory gloving was in effect.

  • Joint Commission issues Sentinel Event Alert on medical device alarm safety

    The Joint Commission issued a Sentinel Event Alert on April 8 warning hospitals against alarm fatigue caused by medical devices. According to the alert, thousands of alarm signals occur in each hospital unit, each day, and an estimated 85% – 99% of the signals do not require clinical intervention. What does the Joint Commission recommend hospitals do to combat alarm fatigue and minimize risk to patients? Find out on the Patient Safety Monitor Blog.

  • Researchers identify 12 steps for effectively reducing readmissions

    The 12 steps of the Re-engineered Discharge (RED) toolkit published by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) are effective at reducing readmissions and visits to the emergency department following discharge, according to researchers at Boston University Medical Center. Researchers also updated the set of steps for reducing readmissions, including a new component for overcoming language barriers.

  • Patients in N.Y. sue over syringe reuse

    Fourteen patients have filed a lawsuit against a N.Y. hospital for possible exposure to hepatitis B, hepatitis  The suit also names the hospital’s parent company, Guthrie Healthcare System, along with the nurse who allegedly reused syringes on more than 230 patients.

  • Roadmap for improving patient care laid out in study

    A group of interdisciplinary research teams conducted 40 studies that investigate how nurses contribute to and can improve patient care quality. What exactly did the study identify?

  • Lethal "superbug" still at the forefront of CDC concerns

    The CDC is warning providers nationwide about a lethal germ called carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae (CRE), which has been overpowering antibiotics and is becoming a “catastrophic threat.” Click the link above to learn more about the germ and to read some preventative measures from the CDC.

Quality & Patient Safety Blogs

The PSO Solutions Blog provides members and others with the latest patient safety news and interpretation. The Peminic-Greeley Patient Safety Organization provides a safe environment where members� patient safety data is securely and confidentially collected, de-identified, aggregated, and reported back to all members.
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Patient Safety Monitor Blog features daily news and updates of patient safety regulations and information.
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    Patient Safety Monitor

    Get cutting-edge best practices and tools to improve your patients’ safety.
    Patient Safety Monitor
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