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Tip of the week: Develop an administrator's checklist for facility rounds

Contemporary Long-Term Care Weekly, March 26, 2009

One major mistake that many administrators commit is relying entirely on other staff members to provide feedback regarding potential issues within the facility. The administrator has to be involved in the milieu and one important way to achieve this is through rounds. The administrator has to do rounds—or management by walking around—to see the facility and any potential concerns as well as address these concerns to the mangers and workers. Also, developing a “rounds checklist” helps to focus the administrator during rounds. The rounds checklist can help administrators look for things related to:
•    Resident rights
•    Resident care
•    Maintenance issues
•    Fire safety issues
•    Dietary compliance
•    Cleanliness of the facility

Be sure to speak with workers while doing rounds, which in itself can add further information.

This tip was adapted from HCPro’s book The Long-Term Care Administrator’s Field Guide, by Brian Garavaglia, PhD.

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